Huntsville Endoscopy Center Patient Forms

Download and Complete These Forms Prior to Your Procedure!

Each patient form provides your physician and our office staff with the information necessary to offer you the best possible diagnosis, treatment, care, and service. Please complete these forms prior to your arrival at the Huntsville Endoscopy Center. NOTICE: The following forms are for the Huntsville Endoscopy Center visits only. If you need forms for the Center for Colon & Digestive Disease, please go here.

Which Forms Do I Need to Complete?

Beneath each form listed below is an explanation of who should complete the form.

Standard Forms

Standard Forms are for those who prefer pen and paper. They look just like the forms you would receive in our office. Simply print on your printer and then write your information into each form field with a pen. Please sign and date each form and bring them to our office the day of your appointment. (Requires the free Adobe Reader version 10 or higher, or a compatible PDF reader. May not work on some mobile devices)

"Typable" Forms

Typable forms are for those who prefer to type over using a pen. Our typable forms look similar to our standard office forms except you can use your keyboard to enter your information. Simply click the first form field and then type your information. To move from field to field, try using your mouse, finger (on tablets and touch-screens), or the "Tab" button found on standard keyboard. Once completed, please print, sign, date, and bring to our office for your appointment. (Requires the free Adobe Reader version 10 or higher, or a compatible PDF reader. Typable forms are not supported in Google Chrome's PDF reader. May not work on some mobile devices.)

Privacy Notice

To protect your privacy, our patient office forms NEVER capture, nor submit, nor otherwise transmit your personal health information over the Internet. Any information you type into one of our "Typable" forms may be stored on YOUR computer, phone, tablet, or printer. If this is a point of concern, please consult the the manufacturer, developer, or service provider (Microsoft, Google, Firefox, Verizon, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, etc.) for instructions on how to delete your browser history or other potentially cached information.