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Imaging Procedure

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves passed into the body from the outside to generate two and three-dimensional images of body cavities and internal body structures. It has been used since early this century in medical, geological and oceanographic applications. Ultrasound is recognized as a non-invasive, non-radiative, real-time and inexpensive imaging technique.

The preferential treatment for gastrointestinal disorders is rapidly changing from open surgery towards minimally invasive surgery, and new methods for diagnostic and interventional methods are emerging. Ultrasound is highly effective in studying internal organs such as the liver and gallbladder, and detecting abnormalties in size, shape, or tissue density. Ultrasound can detect masses, lesions, or other changes in cell structure which then dictate further exploration. Ultrasound is completely non-invasive and does not even require insertion of scopes or other instruments, making this diagnostic technique the choice of both doctors and patients.

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